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Dave Scott

by | May 06, 2007 |

cmrSix time Ironman champion Dave Scott takes some time to look back at his first ever Ironman win, way back in 1980 on Oahu. Why the look back in time? Because Dave will be joining us in Oahu on August 9th and 10th for a Dave Scott Clinic and as well as for the fifth anniversary of Ironman Revisited on Sunday August 12th. The weekend benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). The event is limited to about 25 participants, we go back to the original Ironman course, bring our own support crews, hang out for as many hours as we’d like (no cut off times), relay with our buddies and enjoy the amazing camaraderie that comes out of a very small and intimate event. Check out for all the Ironman Revisited info.

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