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Valerie Silk

by | May 13, 2007 |

cmrBeing Mother’s Day, we felt it appropriate to have the woman on with us who really was the Matriarch of the Ironman. Valerie Silk was at the Nautilus Health Club on the island of Oahu when Commander John Collins decided to put on the first Ironman. She didn’t understand why they were even involved with such a crazy event. The first champion, Gordon Haller, trained at the facility. During our chat, Valerie talks about how close the Ironman came to losing it’s television exposure during the February 1982 event. While Julie Moss was busy creating history with her crawl to the line, Valerie was in the ABC Production Vehicle being told by the Producer that ABC was done with the event and that they would not be back because another camera crew had been allowed access to the race course. Valerie Silk missed the most important moment in Ironman history and left the van feeling that the future of the race was in serious jeopardy.

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