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Bob & Paul

Bob Babbitt completed his first Ironman back before the earth cooled, in February of 1980. How big was the Ironman back then? Only 108 idiots were entered that year and Babbitt completed the race on a $75 police auction bike that had been charred in a fire. He raced with panniers on said bike with a tent and a sleeping bag because he didn’t know you were supposed to do the whole thing in one day, plus he had a support crew that provided him with the best in the world of nutrition- Big Mac, fries and a coke plus a snow cone. He also is the only athlete in Ironman history to complete the bike ride wearing regular shorts and a belt plus a wool cycling jersey…. in Hawaii.

Since the Ironman Babbit has co-founded Competitor Publishing, which now owns five regional fitness publications around the nation with a total circulation of 415,000. He also co-founded the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) which has raised over $8,000,000 to help disabled athletes stay in the game plus he created the Muddy Buddy Ride and Run Series-he is the guy in the frog outfit- which this year will have over 12,000 participants in the eight events around the country. Babbitt started THE COMPETITORS RADIO SHOW back in 1990 and is seen most often wearing white lycra and staggering through marathons with the Running Elvi

Paul Huddle is a real athlete, having finished top ten in Kona three times and winning countless-if you have five fingers you can actually count them-triathlons in his career. Between Huddle and his wife Paula Newby-Fraser, they have won eight Ironman World Championships and 24 total Ironman races. He also won the Strongman Triathlon in Japan and had the pleasure of jogging to the finish line with the infamous Strongman Running Bushes. Huddle, along with Newby-Fraser, Roch Frey, Heather Fuhr and John Duke own , the best online coaching group around and the producers of five star Ironman camps that precede most of the Ironman North America events.