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Galen Rupp

by on Mar.29, 2013, under Archive, Running

Galen Rupp was named our 2012 Endurance LIVE competitor of the year. He came on to chat about meeting his long time coach Alberto Salazar, his training partner Mo Farah, and his Olympic silver medal at 10,000 meters.

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Alberto Salazar

by on Dec.05, 2012, under Archive, Running

The night before the finals in the Olympic 10,000 in London, coach and running legend Alberto Salazar felt confident enough to tell Mark Parker from Nike that his two athletes, Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, were going to take home the Gold and the Silver medals….and they did. Alberto came on the show to talk about the amazing athletes he coaches and how he uses both out-of-the-box training techniques and what he learned during his career to get the very best results.

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Arturo Barrios

by on Jul.05, 2011, under Archive, Running

cmrArturo Barrios wasn’t given a scholarship to Rice University because the coach was convinced that the youngster from Mexico City had already peaked, that Barrios would not get any better. HUGE mistake. Barrios ended up at Texas A&M and is proud of the fact that in his collegiate career he never lost to anyone from Rice. Barrios went on to win the Bay To Breakers four times, break the World Record at 10,000 meters (27:08.23) and 20,000 meters (56:55.6) and finish fifth in the 10,000 at both the 1988 and 1992 Olympics.

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Shalane Flanagan

by on Mar.14, 2011, under Archive, Running


Shalane Flanagan was named our 2010 Endurance Live Runner of the Year after winning US titles at half marathon, cross country and the marathon. The Olympic bronze medalist at 10,000 meters in Beijing is getting better every day and absolutely no one works harder.

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Billy Mills

by on Feb.24, 2011, under Archive, Running


 Let’s start with the fact that no one considered him to be a medal contender at the 1964 Olympic 10,000. Toss in the fact that he broke the world record in the 10,000 meter finals, won the Gold Medal and shocked the world. Then mix in the fact that he is a Native American, that he is still the only American to win a 10,000 meter Olympic Gold Medal and that a movie of his life called Running Brave was made and you’ve got one helluva interview. It was totally appropriate that Billy Mills came on with us right after the NBA All-Star Game ended: Billy Mills is the ultimate All- Star.

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