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Austin Murphy

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Archive, cycling, Running

Austin Murphy is a long-time writer for Sports Illustrated, and during his career he has covered everything from the Super Bowl to the Tour de France. He has written numerous books including The Sweet Season, The Happiness of Pursuit, and Unstoppable. During our chat we covered everything from Austin’s thoughts on cycling and Lance Armstrong to his recent Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon adventure dressed as Elvis for an upcoming piece in Sports Illustrated.

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Claudio Palma

by on Dec.15, 2010, under Archive, Running


What a great story. Claudio Palma, a doctor in Northern California, was running Rock N Roll Las Vegas in early December dressed up as Elvis. He also stopped two miles into the half marathon at the Run Through Wedding Chapel with his fiancee’ Rhanee to get married. Then afterwards, while having a hamburger at a local restaurant, still dressed as Elvis, Claudio put on his Superman cape and also became a hero.

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